Nutrition and Health Food

Under the leadership of award-winning scientist Dr. Chen Yao Ming, NutryFarm (Chengdu) Biomedicine Ltd. (“NFC”), our wholly owned subsidiary, focuses on research and development, manufacture and sale of nutrition and health food products.

With a staff strength of close to 40 highly-qualified researchers, nutritionists, sales and marketing professionals, the Group aims to provide the finest quality nutrition and health food products and the gentlest care to our customers to improve their quality of life.

It also has a strong research and development team that is constantly innovating and improving its products to produce a series of diverse and competitively-priced nutrition and health food products for the Chinese market.

In addition, NFC has also jointly set up a special laboratory with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and National Physical Examination Centre to study the physical health status and dietary habits of consumers in China, which has helped boost our product offerings.

Key Products

Manufactured in strict accordance to the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines prescribed by the Chinese government, NFC counts collagen, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, fish oil, liquid calcium and royal jelly as some of its most popular products. These core products are mainly aimed at protecting and improving the functions of the joints, heart, brain and blood as well as controlling diabetes.

A vast majority of its products are made from traditional medicinal herbs and plants, and NFC has to-date launched more than 40 nutritional products catered to the diverse nutritional needs of the population in China.

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